Born in Amsterdam (2001), growing up in a small town in Belgium, JELTE (Jelte Noordveld) is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.

JELTE discovered music at an incredibly young age. He started piano lessons when he was only 4 years old and picked up drums two years later. It was soon very clear that he had only one future in mind for himself: becoming a professional musician, just like his heroes. His parents’ record collection educated him well, exposing him to bands like Queen, Bruce Springsteen and Dire Straits. Every night, you could find him in his music room, jamming alongside the albums of his musical idols.

In his high school years, JELTE discovered Prince, who inspired him to pick up multiple instruments and record everything on his own. It was also around this time he started writing songs, mostly about his feelings as a teenager.

These songs eventually led to his self-titled debut album. It is a collection of memories, emotions, made-up stories and teenage dreams. All the songs were mainly recorded at his parents’ place, in the music room where he first discovered what would then become his lifelong love.

Jelte Music bio